Trump Report Card

Category Catherine’s Q1 Grade Catherine’s Q2 Grade Catherine’s 2017 Grade Dr. Farrell’s Q1 Grade Dr. Farrell’s Q2 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2017 Grade
Vision A B- B- B B+ B-
Recruiting a Team A- B- B- B+ / A- B+ C
Building a Team Too Early To Grade C- D Too Early To Grade B / B- C
Accomplishments To-Date B+ B+ B+ A- B / B- B
Effort A+ A B A+ A-
Communication B B- C+ B- B C+
War Games (Mapping the Swamp) C C- C- B B B
Building Bottom-Up Support C+ C+ D C- C C-
Introducing Important Change A B B A A- / B- C
Building Bridges Internationally C+ C- C- C C-
Building Bridges Domestically C C F D C / C+ D
Managing the Executive Branch Bureaucracy Too Early to Grade C- C- Too Early to Grade C / C-
Grand Strategy for America and Our Role In the World Too Early To Grade Too Early To Grade Too Early to Grade C- / D+ C- A-
Managing the Federal Budget and Contracting Budget D+ F F F F F
Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy B- B- B- B B+ / A- B+
Growing in the Job A B B- A- A- B / B-


  1. I listened this morning to your March 6 YouTube interview with Greg . Trump must have seen it as well. Last night at the Pennsylvania rally , it was ironic that he answered your criticism about appearing more presidential.

    God has given you a phonomenal brain.

    • Fine with me if he is the way he is. He is performance oriented and is getting a surprising amount done. Better a straight shooter than pretzel talk.

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