Story #3: A Tsunami Of Ops

It is an undeniable privilege of every man to prove himself right in the thesis that the world is his enemy; for if he reiterates it frequently enough and makes it the background of his conduct he is bound eventually to be right. ~George F. Keenan

What’s an Op?

An op is a secret operation. These are sometimes referred to as special operations, black operations, clandestine operations, or covert operations.

During 2017, we experienced a tsunami of ops. There were days it seemed as if ops were the fundamental management tool for getting anything done in our world. Without an education in covert operations, it was difficult for citizens to make sense of the flow of events.

This is not unrelated to the fact that the financial markets and economy are highly managed. As Chris Powell once said, “There are no markets, just interventions.” The same is true for geopolitical events. Some days during 2017 it seemed like there was no politics, just ops.  Some were associated with the controlled demolitions of financial obligations that we predicted in the 2016 Annual Wrap Up last January.

The Mind Control Op

Mind control is the op that makes all other ops possible. This is why we tried hard to enlighten subscribers on this topic in 2017.  To really understand what is happening around you and what you should do about it, you need to know how ops are conducted; and to understand how ops are successfully pulled off, you need a basic understanding of how mind control technologies and procedures work. They go hand-in-hand.

Missing Money

The financial coup d’état was one of the most significant ops in the history of Western civilization. One of Mr. Global’s critical achievements during the financial coup was theft of $21 trillion that went missing from the US government from fiscal 1998 to fiscal 2015. But Americans need to appreciate that under the existing Constitution, legal mechanisms exist to recapture some or all of these funds or related assets, including assets of responsible parties such as the contractors who ran the related payment and accounting systems and the NY Fed and its member banks as bank depository. If we rewrite our existing Constitution, we’ll almost surely give up these mechanisms to reclaim our stolen funds. In addition, political mechanisms exist to recapture benefits for those who have been drained by the growth in government debt and liabilities and the illegal allocation of their tax dollars.

One of the most important headlines in 2017 related to the fact that people are going missing as well.

Between money and personnel, we appear to be missing an entire parallel universe. Perhaps this aligns with Richard Dolan’s thesis of a “breakaway civilization.”

The Con-Con Con

Shredding the US Constitution is a great way to keep all the money that has been stolen during the financial coup d’état, including the $21 trillion missing from DOD and HUD. It could also result in more extreme forms of gun control and the abolition of free speech and general property rights. First, however, you have to engineer a Constitutional Convention on the promise that it can be limited in scope.

There is no need to change the Constitution. Our problems stem from a refusal to date to enforce the Constitution. However, the siren song for a Constitutional Convention keeps being sung by a variety of groups. Some are naïve and some are “well funded.”

We became so irritated by the lies that we launched a special web presentation to communicate the importance of enforcing the Constitution.

The Bitcoin Op

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are an increasingly important part of our world. There is a popular fantasy that they are decentralizing while at the same time liberating us from the control of central banks and bankers. Think again.

The Wildfire Op

Is thermal warfare and gentrification underway? Or is global spraying and poor national forest management resulting in fires that are more difficult to extinguish? Is it relevant that seven seasons of Game of Thrones delivered the clear message that dragons (thermal warfare) were the deciding military weapon? The questions and speculation regarding serious wildfires in the United States and Europe are directly relevant to the year ahead. Whatever is happening, it’s likely not over.

Northern California

Southern California


Texas Panhandle





For 2018, please rethink your disaster-recovery plans, given the possibility of fires at much higher temperatures than most fireproof safes are currently prepared to handle.

The AI Op

Ops are sometimes fielded as excuses designed to shield decision makers and assets.

One response to the missing money was a UFO story in a manner I call, “Mommy, mommy the aliens made me do it!” The idea is that the establishment and the military spent the money protecting us from the aliens. Consequently, we should not ask questions including who has what assets and net worth as a result. It is time we start to ask the question, “If the economy is rigged with government money and credit, why should anyone in the private sector be paid more than the civil service?”

Another example is the series of excuses that decisions made autonomously by algorithms or artificial intelligence relieve humans of responsibility.

The risks of AI are very real. But so is the risk that human evildoing will hide behind “The AI did it” or “The Algorithm did it.” If we are going to unleash powerful algorithms and AI on the world, then we need to attach personal liability to those who introduce and profit from them.

The Weather Warfare Op

Weather manipulation is happening. It makes it difficult to separate disasters from warfare by another name, as well as disaster capitalism. It also makes it difficult to have a rational conversation about climate change.


Florida, Puerto Rico & the Caribbean

False Flags

One of the highlights of 2017 was Richard Dolan’s publication of his TV series on False Flags. Winner of the Solari Report Documentary of the Year for 2017, this series can help you understand false flags and the extent to which they have become a regularly used tool in justifying government policy, legislation, and national security spending, as well as scripting fake news.

False flags were ongoing throughout 2017.


Charlottesville was a false flag that failed to achieve its desired effect. It was covered in depth on the Solari Report

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas massacre was the largest US mass shooting to date. The operation was defined by multiple activities. Both the operations and later management of the news was unusually sloppy for these kinds of operations. There appeared to be significant connections to the Saudi purges. The killings continued following the massacres as survivors who attempted to network with other survivors and ask questions about what happened started to die in car and other accidents. The list of Unanswered Questions about Las Vegas is a long one.

Texas Church Shooting

The Texas church shooting did not go as planned thanks to former NRA instructor Stephen Willeford. Among other things, Willeford demonstrated why it is essential that Americans own assault rifles and not speak to the corporate media. We would note that the church looked almost exactly like the church in the church killing scene in The Kingsmen.

Fake News – Russia Did It!

First the spin that the Russians rigged the election for Trump proved baseless. Then it turns out that a dossier funded by the Democrats drawing on Russian sources was used to help the Obama Administration justify its surveillance on the Trump campaign and try to create phony charges. Of course, this was after the approval of the Uranium One deal by the Obama Administration, transferring critical uranium resources to Russian control while the Clinton Foundation received related payments. No matter what the deals are, an increasing amount of problems in the world are being blamed on Russia. Someone wants war. They also want Russian news outlet RT to stop contradicting official reality.

In 2016, Sally Denton joined us on the Solari Report to discuss her new book on the Bechtel Corporation, the company that manages the US nuclear complex.  In her book, she quoted a senior employee at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who referred to this new style of private management of our nuclear energy and weapons infrastructure as a combination of “the worst aspects of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Goldman Sachs.” Leaving the Administration, Steve Bannon outlined the problem with the push to upgrade the nuclear arsenal:

We should be focused on how we bring the Cold War to an end. I think it was President Obama’s program, $1 trillion to upgrade the nuclear arsenal. Is that what you want to do? Is that where you want to spend your money? Would you rather spend $1 trillion in Cleveland, in Baltimore, in the inner cities of this country where we need to spend it, in the heartland of this nation? And I think what he’s trying to say, in a world of anarchy, do you need another enemy?

Watch for an aggressive push in 2018 for trillions more to upgrade the US nuclear infrastructure for a huge and hideous profit.

4 Chan – Q Postings

Insiders posting primarily unverifiable tidbits have created a global peanut gallery of people cheering the purges and not actively engaging in building power in the real world. I call it Hope Porn, as opposed to Fear Porn. If we purge people without recapturing assets and, fundamentally altering our governance structure and systems, we will simply help Mr. Global shift successfully into the next phase.

The Hacks

Hacks are a form of covert warfare. The hacks seemed to be growing in size and severity throughout 2017, underscoring the insecurity of digital systems.

There were so many hacks of Cryptocurrency assets that we began to wonder if the people pumping the market were using stolen cryptos to fund their operations and market manipulations at a sweet profit.

The ultimate “hack” headline came in early January 2018 when the market discovered that Intel chips had a back door all along. This means nothing is secure. Period. Ever. Which is why we keep saying any currency that depends on digital systems is not secure and not decentralizing.


There were plenty of suspicious deaths in 2017. Assassinations were becoming positively noticeable.

Expect increased numbers of these kinds of deaths – particularly as the purges continue.

Ethnic Cleansing

Or is it organ harvesting too?

“Uh-Oh” Ops

Bad ideas, yet more ops keep popping up. Unfortunately, technology keeps expanding the frontiers of what is possible.

Looking Forward

One of the problems with so much money being spent from the federal government without legislative authority, accounting, or oversight, is that significant covert operations can be funded and the people who control these secret trillions are free to operate outside the law with impunity. Until we cut off the money flow by requiring that federal financial resources be spent in accordance with the law, expect the “op metabolism” to continue to increase.

If someone could create an “op free” neighborhood, it will be a valuable piece of real estate.  Perhaps the leaders of #MeTo have suggested to you and me how we might use transparency to create such places.

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