Scenario #1: Popsicle Index Rising

A commitment to human values, environmental stewardship, market economics and global cooperation are successful.

Weighting = 10% (down 20% from 2017)

  • Multipolar World
  • Positive Return on Investment to Taxpayer

Initially, a combination of Donald Trump’s blunt talk, Brexit negotiations, and European elections serve to unravel both old and new world orders. However, fundamental economics draw us together in new and enduring ways.

The Trump administration in the United States is quite messy as the Washington establishment, Hollywood, and corporate media’s refusal to adjust to the end of the debt growth model makes governing difficult. However, the re-engineering of the federal budget is ultimately successful. The economy has rocky periods as the US and global populations digest the revelations regarding decades of secrecy and corruption.

The leaders of the financial coup d’etat determine that they need a strong base in North America – higher minds prevail. Meantime, the shift in consciousness in the general population facilitates individual freedom and responsibility that ultimately mitigates the dependency of the economy on the national security state and warfare.

The growth of regional and global balances of power allows for the creation and maintenance of trade and markets with sufficient integrity and transparency to permit the emergence of economies in which financial ecosystems align with living and environmental ecosystems. Both labor and human productivity show sufficient growth so that most countries do a reasonable job of providing resources for the young and elderly.

Over time, decreases in spending for defense, security, and weaponry permit lower tax rates and expanded investment in environmental remediation, infrastructure, education, and arts and culture.

Thanks in part to a more human application of technology, wealth creation is explosive, funding conversion to renewable and breakthrough energy and a significant investment in the space economy and space exploration. Efforts to rebuild the soil and to facilitate decentralized local and automated farming make it possible to provide more nutritious food for the global population. As a result, health care expenses decline.

Through a very organic trial-and-error process, humans sort through the ethical issues of new technology:

  • Scientists and engineers discover how to provide wireless technology without EMF radiation that is harmful to humans and living things.
  • Cyberspace becomes a lawful space in which privacy and human rights are respected.
  • GMOs disappear after years of being shunned by consumers.
  • The secrecy behind the national security state ultimately breaks down

We emerge a more spiritually advanced culture that can manage a technologically advanced infrastructure and the shift to a successful multi-planetary civilization.

Global income inequality diminishes with Global 2.0, and a multipolar Global 3.0 emerges on a more diversified, human basis.

Scenario #1 – Implications for 2018

Opportunities to create value:

  • Focus on your home, your business and your community: What makes your Popsicle Index rise?
  • Look for opportunities with new technologies to take advantage of both decentralization and globalization.
  • Track changes in tax policies and their implications for you and your business.
  • Look for your opportunity to MAGA (Make America Great Again – or Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, France, Spain, Singapore, China, add your country).
  • Be prepared for significant volatility!

Best long-term investment opportunity:

  • Your education, health, and career.
  • Stocks in US and international companies that have a positive return to both investors and the general economy.
  • Expect Asian and frontier equities to provide good returns.

Best short-term investment opportunity:

  • No way to know – stick to disciplined allocations.

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