Story #11: Mind Control & Sovereignty

We are former Church Committee members and staffers and write today as witnesses to history and as citizens with decades of collective experience in Congress, the federal courts, the executive branch and the intelligence community. We write today to encourage Congress to create a Church Committee for the 21st century — a special investigatory committee to undertake a thorough and public examination of current intelligence community practices affecting the rights of Americans and to make specific recommendations for future oversight and reform. ~ Former Church Committee Members, America Needs a New Church Committee

Mind Control – The Op of Ops

Mind control is the op that undergirds all other ops. Jon Rappoport said it well in 2017:

We were so concerned about the growing power of mind control technology and tactics that we dedicated our 3rd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up to a discussion of control – Control 101.  Check it out in our Wrap Up 2017 Library.

The Great Divide and Conquer

In the developed world, there was an intense effort to generate divide and conquer tensions between different genders, tribes and political constituencies.  This included an all out assault on traditional values.

The Con-Con Con

Part of this effort was designed to remove the legal support for individual sovereignty, including a major push in the United States for a Constitutional Convention.  While this dreadful idea was marketed in numerous ways, our take is that after you have stolen $50 trillion, keeping that money requires shredding the Constitution.

The fight to destroy individual sovereignty is underway – expect more in 2018.  We published plenty of materials at the Solari Report in 2017 to help you see and outwit the Con!

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