1. I am near the end of a process I started in2015. It involves filing appeals with the Social Security Administration concerning benefits to American citizens who do not have the required 40 credits to receive benefits.I am currently at the stage where I have been instructed by the SSA to file an appeal with the Federal District Court hee in the Midwest. I currently live in Chicago, Il..My question to the Solari Report is where can I find information on the statue governing the SSA and the statistics on the percentage of illegal and legal immigrants who receive SS benefits.These are persons who have not accumulated no credits or quarters to qualify for benefits.Can you help me?

  2. Don’t know. I asked something I thought might. Here is what they said:

    This is an interesting question. For starters, Social Security is not an area where I have any expertise. I suspect the problem the subscriber is going to run into is this: Social Security is paid via a social security number. So, there is not likely any statistic kept by the social security administration about “illegal immigrants” receiving benefits, because everyone receiving benefits would need a social security number. I honestly don’t know if a social security number is tied to immigration status. I know that there are “undocumented immigrants” who work and pay taxes under a social security number.

    I think the subscriber would do well to find a social security lawyer and have a consultation. The law can very between the Federal Circuits and its a very specialized area. Any appeal in Federal District Court would likely be based on the record created with the Social Security Administration, so any “new evidence” may not get into a Disctrict Court appeal if it wasn’t presented at the administration level.

    Sorry, I am not much help here.

  3. I need help in finding the information concerning SSA and it’s legal requirements to its contributors. Also what are the percentage of people who receive benefits who have not contributed to the plan. This would cover legal and illegal immigrants.I have 33 credits and SSA is saying I don’t qualify for benefits.I am 68 years old and I don’t think I will be able to find a job that will enable me to earn the 7 credits that SSA says that o need. Can you help me locate the information?

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