Story #16: The Doubling of the Knowledge Curve

I used this quote in our 3rd Quarter Wrap Up – Control 101:

     “Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve”; he noticed that until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Today things are not as simple as different types of knowledge have different rates of growth. For example, nanotechnology knowledge is doubling every two years and clinical knowledge every 18 months. But on average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months.  According to IBM, the build out of the “internet of things” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours.”                  – ~David Russell Schilling

I am going to keep bringing it up in News Trends & Stories as I believe it is one of the most important phenomena of our time – one that will take us quite some time to understand and navigate.

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