Story #20: Advanced & Invisible Weaponry

“The biggest issue, I think, is that we’re crossing a moral line, a fundamental moral line, when we outsource killing to machines like that on the battlefield” ~ Mary Wareham

Human Depopulation

The signs of intentional depopulation continued to grow in 2017.

Weather Warfare

There was plenty of weather warfare, although most people seemed to be pretending that it was climate change.


-Puerto Rico & Caribbean

Thermal Warfare: California and other fires

Perhaps Game of Thrones was published to remind people about the importance of winning at thermal warfare.  Hey, its sparks from the local utilities, right?

Northern California

Southern California


Texas Panhandle





Autonomous AI weapons combined with drones and robotics

So just when we thought AI was going to control, we learned we did not have to worry about it -we would be long gone from AI teaming up with drones and robots to create autonomous out-of-control killers.

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