Scenario #3: Mind Control

A commitment to command and control governance and transhuman values combined with success re-engineering government resources creates a world of “friendly fascism.”

Weighting = 20%

  • Unipolar World
  • Positive Return on Investment to Taxpayer

Central global control of financial systems is established through invasive digital systems and space weaponry and surveillance supported by drone armies, navies, and air force.

Making the atmosphere conductive and creating the “space fence” continues to debase the environment, food supply, and human health.

While the backlash against centralized control in the developed nations appeared to shift towards a multipolar world, centralized digital control of cash (the cryptocurrency op is successful) and information systems (working through the sponsorship of multiple countries) facilitates the necessary central control without over-dependence on the United States.

The Trump administration is successful at re-engineering the US budget to reduce waste. This improves the performance of the national security state, but it does not convert from a unipolar model or migrate away from the inhumanity inherent in the push towards transhumanism.

Automation, new technology, and breakthrough energy create significant economic value. Global mind control technologies reduce the amount of investment required for worldwide military and weaponry expenditures. Thanks to the rollout of 5G and nanoparticle technology, people are micro-chipped, and their energy, travel, and income can be canceled by digital means if they fail to “toe the line.” Laws and regulations become increasingly burdensome and complicated. Reduction of privacy and individual property rights for the majority of the global population, combined with moving significant population into the urban centers, reduces their individual footprint and need for natural resources.

The middle class in the developed world avoids the long, slow financial squeeze as they are provided with a guaranteed income in urban environments combined with large amounts of entrainment, mind control and drugs. Their numbers steadily shrink as fertility rates drop dramatically and life expectancy continues to decrease. Average life expectancy rates are stable as transhumanism and biotech technologies extend the lifespan of the global elite and populations are refreshed with young immigrants.

Vaccination schedules are heavy and mandated. Autism rates are significant with society organized to consider autistic people as a normal and natural phenomenon accepted into everyday society. The small numbers of idiot savants are very useful in a variety of scientific and space functions.

Centralized media in the form of online entertainment and large rock concerts and festivals provide “Art and culture”. Fake news and junk science thrive. Transhumanism continues to shift humanity into the non-human, supporting widespread harvesting and manipulation of DNA as an economic asset.

False flags become much easier to engineer with the use of Kingsman-type technology such as that observed in Chuck E. Cheese and shopping mall brawls in 2016 and 2017 and with mass shooters who claim intelligence agencies are remotely controlling them.

Scenario #3 – Implications for 2018

Opportunities to create value:

  • Focus on your home, your business and your community. Live in jurisdictions in which practical freedoms are still available, and cultures are human: make sure vaccination is voluntary, homeschooling is permitted and EMF radiation is minimal – even if it means you have to invest time in local activism or move.

Be prepared for significant volatility, disaster capitalism, and high strangeness!

Prepare a defensive strategy:

  • Maintain a cash reserve and liquidity.
  • Retire debt and maintain a low overhead.
  • Avoid dependency on government money.
  • Maintain a core position of precious metals.
  • Maintain resources in multiple jurisdictions, if possible.
  • Practice “prepping” – you want to be prepared if a real or manufactured natural disaster happens where you are.

Best long-term investment opportunity:

  • Your education, health, and career.
  • DIY skills.
  • Self-sufficient living far from the urban centers where privacy and community are achievable. There is a good chance you will want to (or have to) “get out of Dodge.”

Best short-term investment opportunity:

  • No way to know – stick to disciplined allocations.

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