Story #9: The Pension Fund Crisis

Politics are, first and foremost a negotiation over who gets what resources. If we want to stop the harvesting, the first step is to change the narrative. We don’t have a pension fund crisis; we have a political plan. The pension fund crisis is created by that plan. It’s time to change the plan. ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

In January 2017, we said in the 2016 Annual Wrap UP that the slow burn was coming to an end and was entering a period of accelerating “controlled demolitions” and a fundamental reordering of institutions. Indeed, that proved to be an appropriate description of 2017 and the year ahead.  We have had plenty to say about pension funds in this current 2017 Annual Wrap Up, so we will not add more here, but simply point out that the news on pension funds was explosive in 2017. We expect even more in 2018.

Courts Decide

Pay Up, Fix Up or Else:

Twisted by Op’s:

Multiple Bad Decisions Don’t Fix Problem but Require Rescue:

De-Risk (shift risk)

Multiple Industry Stakeholders and Taxpayers:

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