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“The future will be determined in part by happenings that it is impossible to foresee; it will also be influenced by trends that are now existent and observable.” ~ Emily Greene Balch

Every day, we post links to stories in our News Trends & Stories section.  Analyzing this flow provides intelligence about the deeper news. Here are the trends we are tracking for 1st Quarter 2018.


I. Global 2.0: From Slow Burn to Budget Hot Potato

A. Controlled Demolitions Accelerate

  • Pension Funds
  • Entitlements
  • Bankruptcies
  • Shrinking Retail

B. Currency Wars

  • War on Cash
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Precious Metals

C. The Debt Growth Model is Dying

  • Bonds and Interest Rates
  • Equity Public and Private
  • Commodities
  • US Dollar
  • U.S. Budget & Missing Money
  • Transition from Quantitative Easing
  • Inflation and Deflation
  • Land & Real Estate Ownership
  • State and Local Finances

D. Financial Control
E. Tax Wars & Offshore Havens
F. Impact of Environmental Risks and Debasement

II. Global 3.0 Rising

A. Amazoned
B. Automation
C. 5G is Coming
D. Surveillance Capitalism
E. Reshoring to North America
F. Global Purges
G. Emerging and Evolving AI


III. How Will Investors Handle the Transition?

IV. Inside the Pressure Cooker: Will We Expand or Shrink the Pie?

A. Return on Investment to Taxpayers: Positive Or More Negative?
B. Response to Missing Money
C. Piratization: Could the Rape of Russia Happen Here? A Domestic Phoenix Program?
D. Fires and False Flags
E. Equity Creation: Greater than Controlled Demolitions?


I. Governance and Sovereignty

A. Enforce the Constitution
B. State and Local Officials Take Action
C. Con-Con Con and Efforts to Shred the Constitution
D. Decentralization: Can We Re-Localize?
E. Sovereignty

II. Free Speech & Corporate Media Meltdown

III. A New US Administration: The Second Year

A. Budget & Missing Money
B. Federal Reserve & Financial System
C. Health Care
D. Military Modernization/Defense
E. Intelligence Agency Modernization and Reform
F. Justice
G. Regulation
H. Tax
I. Trade
J. The Neocon Problem
K. 2018 Elections

IV. The Shift to the Multi-Polar World

A. The Big Picture

  • Eurasia
  • Naval Incidents in Asia: Covert War, Currency War or Navigation Failure?
  • Americas
  • Vatican

B. Global Powwows
C. The NeoCon Problem

V. The Deep State & National Security Public-Private Control

VI. Migration and Immigration


I.   Mind Control & Sovereignty

II.  Morphogenic Fields & Change

III. Embracing Complexity & Uncertainty

IV.  Artist & Scholars & Leading Revival

V.   Risk Issues:

A. Divide & Conquer
B. Trans-Humanism


I. AI & Quantum Computing

II. Cyber Security

A. Blockchain
B. Internet of Things
C. Net Neutrality

III. Health Freedom

A. Food and Water
B. Vaccines
C. 5G & EMF Radiation

IV. Robots and Robotics

V. Biotech & Super Humans

VI. Environmental Applications

VII. Advanced & Invisible Weaponry

  • Disaster Capitalism

VIII. CERN & Particle Accelerators

IX. Space

A. Space Based Economy
B. China, Russia and US Space Deals
C. Creation of Space Corp in US Air Force
D. Impact of Increased US Appropriations
E. Asian Space Race

X. The Future of Energy


  • Take Action, Begin Anywhere, Change Yourself


I.   The Governance Mystery

II.  9/11 & False Flags

III. Antarctica

IV.  Interdimensionality & Time Travel

V.   The Doubling of the Knowledge Curve


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