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Theme The theme this week is “Rise”.

Money & Markets Catherine discusses the latest in market movements and geopolitical events.

Hero Our heroes of the year is Dr. Mark Skidmore.

Let’s Go to the Movies! Catherine reviews the Netflix series “Wormwood”.

Interview Discussion Catherine discusses the 2017 Annual Wrap Up.

Ask Catherine  Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.



“Come, Watson, come!…The game is afoot.”
~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Return of Sherlock Holmes

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This coming week – the first week of a new year – we will begin our publication of the 2017 Annual Wrap Up.

For the first two weeks, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell will join me to discuss News Trends & Stories. In Part I, we look at the 10 top stories of 2017 in Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics:

1. 2017: The Year of Punching Back
2. Global 2.0 to 3.0: The Shift Starts Up the S Curve
3. Tsunami Of Ops
4. BRICS Build Independent Systems
5. The Trump Shock (including our 2017 Trump Administration report card)
6. US Budget: The US Doubles Down on Missing Money, War & Arms Sales
7. Planet Equity, Crash Up & the Bull Market in Centralization
8. The European Union After Brexit
9. Pension Fund Crisis
10. Dawning Realization: Time to Enforce

As you listen, check out our web presentation for News Trends & Stories including our complete trends list, our choices for top news videos of the year, and our description of each of the 10 top stories.

In the week following we will cover the 10 top stories in Culture and Science, Space & Technology and discuss UnAnswered Questions, Inspiration and Go Local.

Because our “in person, in depth” discussions in the 2017 3rd Quarter Wrap Up were popular, Dr. Farrell and I used the same format again for our discussion of News Trends & Stories for the 2017 Annual Wrap Up. Inasmuch as our discussion is lengthy, we will publish both full-length and chapter-length versions so you can listen selectively if you prefer. These discussions explore 2017 to find the most important developments that will inform the year ahead. This in-depth discussion has been immensely productive for both Dr. Farrell and myself.

In our third week I will cover equity markets and publish the first Blockbuster Chartology from Rambus for the new year, 2018.

In the final week we will address our 2017 Annual Wrap Up theme: Does Your Pension Fund Have a Deep State Drain? Money is going missing in many directions. It’s time to ask some serious questions about whether and how this is impacting our pension funds. In the United States and many countries, taxpayers are on the hook for corporate and government pension funds. Whether you have a pension fund or not, this will impact your finances and the finances of your neighbors and community too.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Wormwood, Chapters 1-6 and what its publication by Netflix says about the Washington press corp, including the Washington Post.

Please post or e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. The last half of the year bitcoin has leaped up to around $20,000 and then took a quick deep drive to $10,000 and now as 2017 closes it is $13,000. One problem with bitcoin is it needs credibility to fully gain acceptance by the public as a solid currency. One way to gain credibility is to link up the price with a time tested currency like gold.

    Catherine, take a look at the pricing activity of gold and bitcoin. Are we seeing a link between the two with a 10 to 1 ratio? Gold topped a few years ago around $1,900. Bitcoin topped out at $19,000. Currently bitcoin is at $13,000 and gold is $1,300.

    Thinking out loud. Time to get into gold and silver?

  2. Catherine,

    I read The Crypto Terrestrials and I am very intrigued. There is DNA evidence that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals 50,000 years ago. I find it highly likely that Mac Tonnies’ theory is right on.

    I was wondering … Have you had any thoughts on his theory since your original post?

    Thoroughly modern humans interbred with Neanderthals– https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26435-thoroughly-modern-humans-interbred-with-neanderthals/

    • We are clearly interacting with interdimensional intelligence.

      However, I think there is a good chance we are interacting with distinctly different species in the material world. Whether it is Crypto Terrestials or off planet – I have no idea. If you read David Icke’s description on “What is the Moon” on his latest book – it would explain the financial model. Essentially, the moon is a death star and our governance is driven from off planet. In short we owe a dividend or a tithe to a separate civilization. But, in fact, “off planet” could be a small group on our planet. Remember what Ben Rich said about our having the technology now to “send ET home.”

  3. Catherine

    Since you mentioned interdimensional intelligence have you read anything by George H. Pember?

    He lived in the 1800’s, was an author and discussed how man was opening a path (actually a returning) to these types of intelligence to mingle to humans. Maybe that is what Daniel 2:43 is about.

    • Have not. If it was not for the now over 300 books piled up in the den in the TO BE READ ASAP baskets, I would be tempted to go order one of his books!

      • The Daniel prophesy of the world kingdoms has fascinated me because it appears to be accurate in the broad bush of time. The toes that are of iron and clay (they do not mix) could be present day that Rev 13 addresses. There is thinking that the iron and clay is America & The Vatican, but it could also be man and the seed of the interimensional intelligence working in a partnership for a NWO. High octane? LOL

        I’ll order Pember’s “Earth’s Earliest Ages” for you, just get to it when you can as IMO he saw what was unfolding for the 20th century.

        Have you ever noticed that the name Cydonia of Mars and Sidon or Sidonians who lived in Canaan sound the same?

        One last question. With you rubbing elbows with many other independent researchers has the name David Flynn come up? Steve Quayle called David a gifted researcher and genius who was the most amazing man I ever met. David Flynn is another example of a man dying at a young age.

  4. Will you be giving percentages for probabilities of crashes, etc? I know the slow burn/coup is over so what now? I’m reading more about crashes. Even The Saker thinks a crash will occur if a major war is started. Crash-up, down? Some is fear porn and I ignore that but those leaks from the milk pail are serious for the 99%.

    Love the cover with the “Missing $” on the milk carton! : )

    Thank you.

    • Will review on third week – equity overview. Crash is not biggest danger. Consolidations and volatility are to be expected, but the long term bull continues.

  5. Film trailer – So it looks like Netflax wants to cash in on the “alternative” audience…
    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year to ALL Solarians!!

    Gotta say something about ‘The Weather’. NOW there is a winter hurricane hammering the East Coast from Florida to Canada. Last month So California had our HUGE fire AND a 20 day Santa Ana Wind event (usual is 4 days MAX). Then the No Cal fires in the Fall. Then Houston get 51 inches of rain in a day or two! Then the Florida hurricane. Back to back to back to back.
    Seriously there IS something wrong here. What’s / where’s next? (Just had a small quake in San Francisco, btw ….)

    All seem somewhat ‘reasonable’ for those still sleeping. But when you know about HAARP and disaster capitalism – I am a true believer now. What ARE these people up to, anyway ….. ???

    PS Can’t wait for this month’s Solari Reports, Catherine! Thank you in advance ….. 🙂

  7. Yes. Extreme weather and disaster capitalism are much greater risks for most of us than financial collapse or stock market crash.

  8. JUST finished this week’s epic interview / review. Whew! What a grand slam home run! Thank you for the immense about of amazing material you included! Given my usual multiple listens to every Solari audio, I’ve got my homework cut out for me in the weeks ahead. 🙂

    As for grading President Trump, I give him much higher marks than either you or Joseph (both I HIGHLY respect). My caveat is that Trump has very limited authority over a small amount of the government and our policies. Given his Art of the Deal approach to getting things done, I can imagine a scenario where he ‘gave up’ some ground to the military and foreign policy so that he could gain ground nationally. Example, the ‘strike’ on the air base last Spring seemed to be more ceremonial than anything.

    He did get us out of the TPP, the Paris Climate deal, tax cuts (‘Yuge’ positive impact) and his most recent Executive Order against the assets of those committing crimes against the people. Most of all, I give him a high ‘A’ for staying alive during his first year. After all, the last two people who thought they were actually the president of our country (Kennedy & Reagan) were shot.

    It seems like so many people discount the huge head winds that Trump faces every day and from every other aspect of government, the media and so many rabid anti-Trumpers. The fact that he has done as well as he has – all in his first year – is simply amazing. He seems to have us pointed us in a new and better direction and to have done real and lasting damage to the pro-Centralization Team.

    Would love to know your thoughts on this one, Catherine. I don’t know much about the Israel connections nor about Trump’s more hidden deep state connections. I remain open to your wisdom and insights ….

    • Yes, good points. His accomplishments have been significant – and represent an enormous turn. He does very well on the things he can unilaterally decide. When it comes to things that require team work – there is an inability to get create that teamwork/leadership yet. And you are right – he does deserve an A for staying alive and not quitting. Given the beating he has taken that is quite an accomplishment.

      I don’t know how to assess the new EO – have to see how it is used. The announcement that the FBI is investigating the Clintons is very good news – so there may be a lot going on behind the scenes that can turn into an A+ performance. The purges are clearly underway. If they are well done, it will be an enormous accomplishment. If there is a hint of lawlessness to them, not so good. So we will have to see. I am encouraged by the people he has chosen who will be responsible to make sure these go according to the law.

      Appreciate your comments. Essentially to understand that we can not depend on federal government to get back the $21 Trillion – we have to act with state and local officials and courts to do that. More soon from Solari Report exploring how to do that.

  9. Oh my gosh! What a treat… Just downloaded this and loaded it up to my iPhone and now on my way to Tulsa… And this conversation will carry me all the way there!

    Happy new year Catherine, to both you and Joseph!

  10. I recall one of Dr. Steven Greer’s speeches where he relates presenting to a Secretary of Defense regarding the byzantine secret within secrets “write in” UFO programs. The Secretary is outraged he doesn’t know anything about those matters, picks up the phone and calls one of the secret project’s pointman. The dialog is roughly: “this is the Secretary of Defense”, “yes we know who you are”, “I need to be written in to this program”, “you don’t need to know sir, don’t call again”, click.

    I have known a few higher ups in the military who would have been very troubled/offended should they have been aware of the vast extent of the ‘missing money’ pillaging of the Services. Many career commanders are alarmed at the state of military readiness. They are not one and the same as the monolithic war profiteers/kickbacks to politicians industrial complex or the Breakaway Civilization built with ill gotten money and technology. That point is important. Sure there is corruption almost everywhere yet it might just be possible to stop missing money flows out of the Pentagon; especially as it has become a matter of self preservation for the U.S. Military.

    • To be clear, commanders bear the brunt of military readiness, I don’t know their state of alarm regarding fighting ability, but weapons that don’t work and insufficient training means more casualties on their consciences.

      • The group most harmed in a global implosion would be the marines. They are on the forward line. So not surprising we see former marines as Chief of Staff, DOD Secretary and Secretary of the Navy. Looks to me they are trying to return the DOD operations and finances to some kind of coherent state

        Their problem are the Ziocons – who appear happy to destroy America if it increases their power and money. They could not care less whether the whole is coherent or not. The more incoherence, the more they make. They free ride others need for coherence.

    • Could not agree more. I believe that part of the Trump election was the line military deeply concerned about the line military beings stripped. From what I can tell money has been going everywhere but core operations. Much of where it is going is controlled by corporations and private investors. This was the danger of making it feasible for private corporations to do highly classified work. You privatized the knowledge and technology but not the funding. You gave a private infrastructure and annual “Put” on the cash flows. In one sense it was a way for the private pools of capital that control the fed to control the warfare side of the house, cutting out the line military. I am hopeful that the line military can assert control, insource more. Part of this is so that the money is managed to achieve performance – whether overt or covert – as possible to pump the stock market and private fortunes. The waste has been enormous, IMO too often without regard for sufficient oversight related to productivity and performance. Part f the challenge of operating in the dark.

      • Before an awareness of the missing money, secret space projects, or any of it, when defense “outsourcing” was the euphemism for $500 hammers, endless cost-plus-contracts, and no consequences corporate fraud, I happened across an announcement that –in the pursuit of efficiency– of course now the management of military outside contractors was also to be outsourced! I thought they had just rung the bell for the pinnacle of corruption. Little did I know. Thanks Catherine.

        • Quite amazing how far they have pushed the incompentance narrative. In fact, the US civil service is the most competent group I have dealt with. And they have managed significant competence while being described as incompetent to justify all manner of parallel universes and corruption.

  11. Absolute Mind-Blow of an episode Catherine.. Thank Yoo!!..
    At some point you mentioned “Subpoena Power”.. It cut to the heart of my problem with American Divorces.. I believe every fair-minded, divorced parent accepts the tenets of child support.. But they are crushed when constant subpoenas arrive to nitpick a small increase in monthly remittances.. Of course this is a boon for lawyers and court funding..
    For the family, the result is that the paying parent often chooses to economically plateau until their kids are grown.. A complete waste of what could have blossomed out of those formative years.. Just imagine millions more creative, divorced parents helping the economy grow, without the fear of fiscal rape thru audit after audit..
    Perhaps, Subpoena Power should be a last resort, not the immediate right of any parent with $1,000.00 to retain an attorney.. It’s a triple whammy to the previously productive parent.. They lose their kids, their forward momentum, and their faith in justice..
    Maybe, we would even learn to act as adults and be open with each other about the challenges we face in rearing our kids.. As it once was..

  12. Hi Catherine,

    Are the Kennedy family “public deaths” just one more OP playing us all?

    Did JFK and RFK simply join their fellow rulers in the breakaway underground?

    As you regularly mention JFK, please take a moment to examine this information.

    I feel it syncs well with your work on the secret economy and power structure.

    Sincerely, Evan

    Looks Like JFK was Gay and other interesting news

    The Hidden King(s) Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin

      • Don’t have time to look, but I am wondering if the CIA has started a new round of disinfo in response to being pushed to publish documentation that would implicate them.

  13. Thanks for replying Catherine. I realize that you are very, very, very busy. I only posted this due to the fact that you pretty regularly name drop JFK in your conversations.

    Was JFK killed in Dallas. Ok. Maybe he was. But what if not? What if the herd has simply been conditioned to want to believe that for a multitude of psychological reasons that all benefit Mr.G both then and now?

    Yes, discernment takes a little time. However I must say that Miles Mathis’s work, just like that of you and your friends, has passed my sniff test. It fits the big picture all of you have been painting.

    Mathis is a realist portrait artist who red-pilled himself by wanting to know why his excellent realist artwork (and that of others) was being suppressed everywhere in favor of “modern art” filth and garbage.

    You and others already knew the basic CIA answer, but Miles went further and connected the dots to see that the Modernist crap has multiple purposes as both a moral-soul-breaking psy-op for the herd and a giant global money laundering operation for Mr. G and friends. Here are his papers on that:


    I have been reading Miles’s papers for several years now and have been consistently impressed that he will go off and research a subject and then report his factual logical findings **even though they frequently ran counter to his previous closely-held-beliefs** **and made him feel at first very uncomfortable.** It’s a rare thing to watch an author honest enough to grow their awareness along with the reader.

    In every paper, Miles empowers readers by naming the real names of individuals fronting the OP’s. He shows the specific genealogical connections, networks and behavior patterns, sometimes through centuries, of the close and extended families and associations that are getting their global agenda done. With this knowledge, it is far easier to *not* give these creeps my money or buy their products and ops.

    Additionally, without falling into the divide and conquer template of Mr.G, Miles points out the evidence that secret (and not so secret) homosexuality is a very common marker within Mr.G’s extended network.

    So with that, I’ll close with a snippet from the JFKgay paper. Hit the link below for numerous key photos.

    Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Evan

    JFK’s sister Eunice said Jack “was a completely liberated man when he was with Lem.” Yeah, I’ll bet. And you can go to Lem Billings’ encyclopedia page, as I did, which implicitly confirms it. There we are told Kennedy’s relationship with Billings
    wasn’t just a childhood fling: it was lifelong. Billings had his own room in the White House and was treated as a member of the family. What? Joseph Kennedy called Billings his second son. What?*

    Jacqueline Kennedy said of Billings, “He has been my house guest since I was married.” What?

    Billings was known to be gay. Gore Vidal called him the “principal fag at court”. Gore should know, being both gay and related to the Bouviers. Billings said of Kennedy, “Because of him I was never lonely. He may be the reason I never got married.” WHAT?

    If you don’t think that changes everything, I don’t know what to say. They admit Jack had a flamboyantly gay best friend living with him for three years in the White House, for Pete’s sake! How else could you read it?

    I mean, look at the photo under title. The two guys are framed together! Would you have considered putting yourself in the same frame as your best friend in high school? Would you have considered writing “Godlike” under your friend’s name? Why not just put little hearts with arrows through them all round?

    Looks Like JFK was Gay and other interesting news

    The Hidden King(s) Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin

    • Evan:

      This is one where I have significant inside knowledge and experience.

      I don’t know if Kennedy was gay or not. If he was he was bi-sexual. He was certainly very sexually active. One of the reasons for his falling out with Dulles was he thought taxpayers should not provide sex slaves. If someone wanted sex they should simply attract the partner. He had no understanding of the mentality of the people who could not do that without a significant intelligence agency – secret society infrastructure. However, I think this question is irrelevant.

      Suggest you read Mary’s Mosaic and Devil’s Chessboard. Talbot has nailed the story. Given the pressure to release remaining archives, the CIA has a great deal to worry about.

      Between Hope Porn, Fear Porn and covert gossip, we are developing a complete inability to deal with our real life governance situation at local, state and federal levels.

      There is intelligence that gives you power. And there is intelligence that does not contribute to giving you power. Solari Report is all about the first – although it is often no where near as entertaining.

  14. With regard to your discussion of the “little boys who pulled wings off of flies and thought that was funny”, what I took away from the movie “The Social Network” was that Zuckerberg started Facebook for revenge. Eyes glaze over when I say this. Such is state of our morality.

  15. Dear Catherine,

    Your interviews got my year off to a good start as it seems that after a decade of perseverance your efforts at getting awareness of the missing money is gaining momentum.

    What is the name of the video about autonomous weapons which you mentioned a few times in the interviews?

    You also talked about the BRICS. In previous articles and interviews you have talked about how the dollar is supported by the global payment infrastructure which the US controls. I don’t know about settlements but I read an article from Simon Black back on 2nd May 2017 in which he wrote about how obsolete the banking technology is obsolete.


    Here are some highlights from his article:
    “Every bank runs on something called “core banking software”, which is sort of a central financial database that keeps track of all accounts and transactions. The software that many of the most established banks use was originally written in either Fortran or COBOL, both 60-year old programming languages that date back to the late 1950s. As technology improved, banks continually patched and updated their systems. Simply put, the most important functions in the banking system are powered by decades-old technology.
    It doesn’t get any better internationally either. If you’ve ever dealt with international financial transactions you may have heard of the SWIFT network. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that SWIFT runs on Windows Vista an obsolete operating system that Microsoft no longer supports.
    Unsurprisingly, SWIFT has been hacked numerous times, both by the NSA as well as private hackers who have stolen a great deal of money from their victims. Last year a bunch of hackers famously penetrated the SWIFT network and stole over $100 million from the Bangladesh central bank. And that was nowhere near an isolated incident. This is the big hidden secret of banking: despite the shiny veneer of online banking, the institutions that literally control your money are run on outdated, inefficient, obsolete technology.”

    If what Simon Black says is correct then the US control of the infrastructure seems to be quite tenuous as best, and it shouldn’t be too difficult for BRICS or anyone else to come up with a new and better system.

    What do you think? Do you agree with his assessment?

    Wishing you a good year ahead.


    • A new system always allows you to jump the curve. I have not looked into the state of the payment system recently so I can not say. I believe all digital systems are insecure. You might enjoy Black Money by Michael Thomas. Helps you understand PROMIS. Take a look at my article THE DATABEAST.

      Here is slaughterbots: http://autonomousweapons.org/slaughterbots/

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