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Introduction and Theme Audio The theme this week is “Bad Manners & Missing Money”.

Money & MarketsAudio This week in Money & Markets, Catherine discusses the latest in market movements and geopolitical events.

Hero AudioOur hero this week.

Let’s Go to the Movies! Audio Catherine reviews Game of Thrones.

Discussion Audio Catherine discusses her interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell.

Ask Catherine Audio Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.

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October 19th – News Trends & Stories Part II with Dr. Joseph Farrell

October 26th – Equity Overview & Rambus Blockbuster Chartology

November 2nd – Control 101


“When you are in the news business, always expect the unexpected.” ~ Helen Thomas

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last weekend I was on the road, driving to Dr. Farrell’s house for two days of intense conversations about what happened during the 3rd Quarter and what Joseph and I see unfolding before us currently. This was a long road trip – but as you will soon hear – well worth it.

This coming week the Solari Report will publish the first part of this collaboration – covering the accelerating economic, financial and geopolitical change and what it means to you. We also discuss Josephs new book: Hess and the Penguins: the Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess.  This is the next book in Joseph’s amazing series on the Nazis and what their history says about the real governance structure of Planet Earth. We also touch on the Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Virtual Pipe Organ Crowdfund.

The following week, in the second part, we cover culture, science & technology, unanswered questions, go local and inspiration.

Make sure to access the News Trends & Stories section of the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up web presentation linked from your subscriber links in this commentary published on Thursday. Our web presentation includes:

  • Control 101 – During the last week of the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up roll out, I will publish my overview of how the centralized control systems works. If you want to understand what is happening in the financial markets and geopolitics, it is essential to understand how the people participating in the transactional ecosystems are controlled individually and collectively.
  • News Trends & Stories – Our News Trends & Stories editor Brad Eddins has done an outstanding job of presenting top trends, stories and videos of the 3rd Quarter Economics & Finance, Geopolitics, Culture, Science and Technology, UnAnswered Questions, Go Local and Inspiration.
  • Financial Markets – a roundup of market and commodities charts from the 3nd Quarter.

In Money & Markets, I will discuss the latest financial and geopolitical news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Ken Burn’s 12-hour, 6-part series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.  The US government owns a significant amount of land. This land constitutes a national treasure – one that needs to be well and lawfully managed. Agenda 21 (now 30), recent fires and irresponsible activist proposals all suggest another reason to be concerned by monkey business related to US finances and accounting and the efforts to sabotage the US Constitution.

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Talk to you Thursday!

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  1. Hi Catherine…I hope you and Dr.Farrell will tell little people like me and John how we can help save our Constitution.
    I want to help.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • Did you refer the piece on How to Enforce the Constitution in the 2nd Quarter Wrap UP? The thing to do is to pick one you are comfortable with and do it – and encourage others to do it. Just found out the DAR as an Observe the Constitution week in September. They had all the local high school kids reading it.

    • Has this interview been posted yet? I’m logged in and the interview and wrap up is not available. I’m fairly new to Solari (a month) and do not know the usual times information is posted. I received the email re: the wrap up and interview. Thanks. Look forward to hearing this one. Colleen

      • Colleen:

        The audio interview is posted. The News Trends & Stories section on the Web Presentation will be available tomorrow am.

        The interviews are normally posted by 6pm on Thursdays, although occasionally go up later in the evening. Money & Markets go up later – sometimes much later – but certainly by Friday am. We split Money & Markets into Chapters on Friday for easy listening.

        I have a lot to say on Money and Markets tonight, so will be late.



        • Thank You Catherine! I’m listening right now! My favorite (one of) part of the week!! I recently watched an interview on a YT show “business game changers” w/ Sarah Westall. I think she understands and is great compared to most. This interview was all about ‘The Law’ and the Constitution. This was something I never thought about or questioned. The guest claims that the Constitution is not valid because International Law is the “Supreme Law of the Lands”, Globally. Is this just nonsense? Could there be any Truth and Reality to this claim? I’m researching this, but if Solari Members have any thoughts…Thanks, Colleen

  2. What is the piano piece at the end of the interview? Love the way the “just a taste” of bitcoin: an op segues into it. Perfect

  3. I just returned from a 7+ hour drive, during which I listened to your interviews with Franklin Sanders and Joseph Ferrell. You continue to grieve over the Constitution, yet have no clue as to who it applies to and especially who has authority to change it. This brings to mind the Scripture in Hosea 4:6: “My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The People of this land have been misled into believing that they are PERSONS and/or residents. The Constitution was written by the People and is for the People and their posterity. It does not apply to residents.

    This is a subject that begs our attention. It’s not rocket science, but it does require losing our programming and going back to the foundation of this country. The remedy to our plight is for every one of the People to disavow their presumed status as residents and claim their rightful status as People (with an uppercase P).

    There is a lot more to say on this, but this is not the forum for that. We need to talk.

    • You believe that esoteric legal stratagems are real and have standing under the law and common law. I do not. Question is how to deal with people who try to use them to control. That gets back to the money. Happy to look at anything that you post of reasonable length.

  4. As usual… fantastic conversation with JPF!

    Catherine… did you happen to see last weeks 60 Minutes piece on the opiod epidemic, and congress protecting drug companies from DEA Prosecutions?

    Much/most of it fits like a perfect puzzle piece in the working model of “promoted perceived reality” we discuss in our circles here on Solari.

    Fascinating piece… and prone to p. o. most of us, although corruption and influence peddling is the new normal… and I am increasingly feeling compelled to deepen my personal walk with The Boss… and love and serve close to home.

    Anyway… it is worth a watch. “The Whistleblower” 60 Minutes Oct 15, 2017



  5. Dear Catherine

    Thanks for a brilliant interview. You both connected several more dots for me.

    I was especially happy to hear you mention the topic of bureaucracy – something which seems not to get much attention but which even at the personal level takes up more and more time and money. Sometimes, depending upon the situation, complying with all the rules and regulations can seem like a full-time job in itself.

    A day doesn’t go by that I am not encumbered by some bureaucratic rule or obligation which drains me of my time or money or both. Here I hasten to add that corporate bureaucracy can be just as overpowering as the public sector. As an example, here in Malta the bank requires 13 (yes, thirteen) documents in order to open up a new current account, mind you not to take out a loan but to open an account into which my salary can be paid. They require, amongst other things, a certificate of good conduct from the police, a utility bill in my name, my employment contract and my rental agreement plus an authorisation from me for the new bank to contact my old bank to confirm my address for which I have to pay a fee of EUR 10.

    Concerning bureaucracy at the higher level, you might find what Putin has to say at time 0:40 rather interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qgY4Szaj7E

    In the interview you mentioned one of your previous articles “20 Things You Need to Know About New Technology”. I can’t seem to find it. Would you have a link to this piece?

    A personal question for Joseph: You’re the only person I’ve heard who distinguishes been the pronunciation of words beginning with “w” and those beginning with “wh”. Since I don’t know anyone from North Dakota, I was wondering if this is part of your regional speech or if this is your own careful elocution.

    Also, Catherine, thanks so much for being relentless in building awareness of the missing trillions.

    Now I’m of to listen to Part 2.

      • Dear Catherine,

        Great article. So much good advice!

        I love the term Shadow Work. I have sent your article to all of my friends who are also suffering from the growing burden of shadow work. Now that you have given the energy vampires a name and form, it is easier for me to envisage and deal with.

        I have learned so much from following you and Joseph over the years. I wonder how much further along I would be now if, instead of having wasted my youth watching Petticoat Junction and Gilligan’s Island on the television, I had had people like you to listen to 40 years ago.

        Are you familiar with the Indian economist, Rajiv Batra?


        He has a theory of social cycles with types based upon the 4 varnas (castes) – the teachers (brahmins) warriors (kshatrya), merchants (bania) and labourers. He sees that we are now in an age dominated by the personality of the bania, ie the “acquisitors” (similar to your “piggies”), which is characterised by money, greed and material possessions. But, he says, we are heading to a period of transformation to a new age which could be dominated by any of the other 3 types.

        So, even though I am not a Hindu, I see both you and Joseph as having the spirit of the the teacher, bringing us to a new Golden Age dominated by the personality of the brahmin and characterised by honour, courtesy, learning, and spirituality.

        Thank you!

      • ON PAGE 57 of the transcript:
        Fitts: There was one piece that we published during the 3rd Quarter that was about ‘The 20 Things you Need to Know about New Technology’ and it went into all of the changes that are going to come in the next four or five years, such as driverless cars.

  6. I don’t know which “libertarians” you are referring to, but they clearly aren’t libertarians. Ron Paul has said all along that we have to follow the constitution WAY before you ever spoke those words, and he has been the most prominent libertarian voice out there. I’m a libertarian and I think the constitution stinks, but it is more than obvious to me and all the other libs I know that is has to be enforced and that we don’t want a constitutional convention, and we predate you by prob 20 years on this issue.

    Recently, there has been an infiltration into libertarianism by people who call themselves left anarchists. Imho, they’re a bunch of cultural Marxists trying to water down the libertarian message with social justice clap trap. The lib celeb ranks are full of “sponsored posers.” In the past, when a populist movement was gaining steam, either the Dems or Repubs would subsume the movement into their party and suffocate it–free silver at the turn of the previous century, contract with (on?) America and the odious Newt Gingrich in the last century, for example. Now, they are apparently being proactive and infiltrating instead. I never thought the day would come when a creepy duo the likes of Johnson/Weld would be running as big L Libertarians. Clearly the Libertarian Party has been taken over by a combo of sponsored posers and half wits.

    If you can point to someone who claims to be libertarian and actually advocates for the current abolition of the constitution, I’d like to hear it. Otherwise, I think your statements are at best bizarre.

    • Without going back and listening to the interview, I believe one of us might have been referring to people promoting a Constitutional Convention who do not understand that it will be opening to shred it by people who have no ideology other than livestock management.

      However, it was more likely I was referring to Adam Kokesh’s speech at the Aspen Institute. I believe he claims to be a Libertarian. However, iMO he is simply an economic hit man and opportunist – possibly one with a large control file left over from his indictment and settlement with the Feds.

      I strongly recommend you watch his speech. Make sure you go through and listen to the Q&A where a lot of meat is as I and one of my associates are questioning him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHEFJzIMZNI

      If you are a Libertarian in good standing (As you point out, I am not, nor am I trying to be) what you need to know is that someone is laundering a large and growing amount of money to people like Adam to claim the space and use it to do great evil.

      It is happening in every space and has NOTHING to do with philosophy. It has to do with control.

      Kokesh says he is running on a platform proposing to shut down the US federal government, liquidate its assets and shred the constitution.

      Please accept my apologies if my reference to the economic hit men fronting as Libertarians insulted you. That was not my intention. Ron Paul was also at the conference and was great, as always.

      I am not a Libertarian or any other ism related to a politics. I am an investment banker and investment advisor who has done everything possible to understand and prevent corruption and communicate what I was learning and ideas on what we can do. That now qualifies me as independent media as well. I am saying that we need to enforce the constitution because a deep dive into the financial issues says if we don’t we are f***ed.

      There is no political philosophy to it – just raw power and money – and spiritual commitment – to exercise my divine right to be free and to help those around me do the same as my freedom is intimately intertwined with the freedom of all.

      • Adam Kokesh???????????????? OMG. The guy is a total fake, controlled opposition and was in the forefront of pulling sjws into the “libertarian movement.”

        Laundering money to Kokesh? I said exactly that in my post. That’s what I was telling YOU.

        Obviously, we completely agree on what’s going on and came to these conclusions independently, which I find very interesting. 😉 What I’m annoyed about is that you said that Kokesh’s baloney is “libertarian” with then Farrell rejoining with libertarians spend too much time on theory. This is ridiculous. Kokesh is not libertarian. He’s a paid operative who has infiltrated. You have just played into the hands of the people running the psyop, by denigrating libertarians because of Kokesh. You should know better.

        Btw, you use a capital L for libertarian. It’s common for the big L to be used for people in the Libertarian party. I’m not a big L libertarian. The Lib party is a total joke.

        The fact is that whether you know or admit it or not, you are more libertarian than many Libertarians. Your last sentence proves my case, although the first clause of that sentence is incorrect. 😉 It’s all about politics, all the time.

        PS I suspect the people who are advocating the con con are not ignorant, but paid. No accidents happen in politics…

        • You are right, I stand corrected. I should not have called Kokesh a Libertarin. He clearly has NO BELIEFS other than an appreciation for a good con.

          I took a test on line once many years ago. It said I was a conservative with libertarian leanings – whatever that means.

          I love freedom. I love helping people be free. I love free markets. I always thought it was a Spartacus thing, not a libertarian thing.


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